January 6, 2015

Refresh and revitalise your Bon Bon’s display with these yummy new additions to our collection. We have enjoyed tasting each one on your behalf.

T216 – Crispy Fudge Bites
T215 – Fizzy Stars
T214 – Jazzy Stars
T213 – Jolly Jelly Sharks
T217 – Sherbet Pips
T192 – Apple Bonbons
T198 – Strawberry Sticks
T193 – Blueberry Sticks
T200 – Orange Sticks
T199 – Cola Sticks
T197 – Watermelon Sticks
T195 – Tutti Frutti Sticks
T196 – Mint Sticks
T194 – Liquorice Twist
T218 – Blackcurrant Fizzy Whirl
T219 – Rhubarb Fizzy Whirl
T220 – Strawberry & Banana Fizzy Whirl

Please call Jackie, Amanda or Kirsty on 01937 840670 to request your free sample pack and to find out more!

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