2022 christmas collection
featuring HF Chocolates

Here at Bon Bon’s and hf Chocolates we aim to bring a little comfort and joy to our loyal customers and consumers at all times, but certainly no more than during the festive period. Our new Christmas range has been designed by our tireless product development team with this in mind.

We’ll let you decide if the confectionery included in the range is naughty or nice (its both incidentally), but either way you can’t fail to enjoy it. This year we have taken the mantra “go big or go home” to heart and have for example increased volumes of favourites such as “12 Jars of Christmas” and “Ultimate Selection Boxes” significantly, as sales of our hotly anticipated Christmas collections have amazingly doubled over the last two years! This is down to the great work of our loyal customers who continue to amaze us with their incredible Christmas display ideas. 

There are also a number of fabulous new Bon Bon’s branded products available such as Christmas Sweet Trees and Gourmet Fudge selection boxes, as we recognise that keeping the range fresh and interesting is crucial in attracting consumers, both new and old.

Our premium brand supplier partners have once again come good and supplied a fabulously attractive array of sweet treats as well as gifting ideas for all pockets and ages. Try the new Luxury Tins from Chocolate Amatller or the stunning Ribboned Quaranta Nougat Cakes to delight friends and family this year. Halloween is also featured in the range and has become a larger part of the range, focused on the theme of “Trick or Treat”.

We “Ho Ho Hope” you enjoy this range as much as we enjoyed putting it together. 

We start taking orders from Friday 29th April.
Delivery windows are shown on the back inside cover of the brochure and start on September 5th.

As you know the range is immensely popular and many of the most successful lines sell out early.We hope to be able to satisfy all our customers but experience has taught us that those who secure their requirements before end of May are seldom disappointed in either product availability or delivery window allocation.

You can download our 2022 Christmas Collection brochure below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01937 840670 or sales@bonbons.co.uk to find out more, reserve your order or arrange for one of our team to discuss the collection in greater detail with you. Alternatively you can request the same detail by clicking on the contact form button below.

We wish you a successful and prosperous Christmas!

2022 Christmas Brochure (pdf)

“Bon Bon’s offers great variety and there is something in the range to suit everyone. In terms of service, Bon Bon’s offers a quick turnaround and we have never had any shortages. We find they are easy to deal with and have a strong support team.”

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