November 2, 2020

As part of the continued push toward our sustainability goals Bon Bon’s are working with our partner suppliers to improve levels of packaging recyclability. This is part of a relentless drive to reduce our impact on the environment. One such partnership is with Bell Packaging Ltd who provide a high proportion of the packaging used in displaying and presenting our range. Since early 2016 Bell have been developing a unique transparent plastic material that contains recycled material and which could be recycled again after use, without compromising product quality or clarity.

Bell Packaging launched Retran® which contains 70% Post-Consumer Waste in January 2018 and from that date all the plastic cartons and tubes supplied by Bell to Bon Bons have been produced in this material.

Retran® is a multi-layer material, with the central core housing the post-consumer waste and a layer of virgin film on the top and bottom which allows the material to be both glued and printed. In appearance and performance, it is virtually identical to virgin material.

Once the Retran® packaging has completed its packaging journey it can be (and is) recycled and the process starts over again.

In the 2019 budget the chancellor announced a range of targets around the supply of packaging. One of these targets was for producers and end users to be utilising plastic materials that contain a minimum of 30% Post-Consumer waste by 2022. Many of the products supplied to the Bon Bon’s customer base have already achieved and far exceeded these levels!

Not resting on our laurels, we continued to work with Bell Packaging who are developing Retran® further. Earlier this year they launched Retran®100 which contains 100% Post-Consumer Waste. Although not yet at the quality levels required for our market, we continue to develop the product further and expect more progress with improved clarity in 2021.

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