Gourmet Sweet Tubs

Our Gourmet sweet tub range brings a new twist to a well-recognised category.

Appealing as they do to a wide age range, they’re perfect for when you’re in the car, on the train or generally out and about. Equally with their re-sealable lids they work just as well in your handbag, on your desk, in the potting shed or when you’re just watching telly!

We’ve worked really hard to bring together a range that will appeal to all ages, from old fashioned butterscotch tablets to fizzy strawberries. Nobody should feel left out!

What’s more we’ve put each of the 25 varieties in its own specially numbered colour-coded wrap, so that those with a head for numbers can remember their favourites!

For more information why not request a sample pack, either by clicking on the contact form button below or phoning us on 01937 840670.


“A trip down memory lane never tasted so sweet”

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