Gourmet Favourites

Our Gourmet Favourites range recaptures nostalgic confectionery moments from our childhood.

Gift Bags
Our gift bag range includes classics such as hand broken Cinder Toffee, Flying Saucers and Chocolate dipped cinder Toffee. Each bag is carefully hand packed so that we can be sure that your customers receive their gift in first class condition. Each bag is finished with a sheer gold ribbon.

Our bar selection is produced in the UK using traditional copper pans, authentic recipes and great ingredients. Each bar variety comes packed in distinctive shelf–ready packaging that adds value and helps you grow sales.

For more information please contact us either by clicking on the contact form button below or phoning us on 01937 840670.

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“Quite simply Bon Bon’s are the ideal supplier. Simple and easy sales from products that take up minimal space on the shop floor, tastes rather good too!”

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