We believe every business has a duty of care to minimise its impact on the environment. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution so we approach every opportunity differently. Our business’ greatest opportunity to make a change is through minimising our reliance on fossil fuels and through the use of environmentally sustainable packaging.

We are focused on three key areas, shown below. We aim to provide a balanced and informed viewpoint rather than eschewing any one particular solution as the “holy grail”. We want to be honest and impartial in this highly complicated and complex area.


Our aim is to remove any unrecyclable plastic from our business by 2022.
And we’re firmly on our way to achieving this. The majority of our rigid plastic used is both recyclable and from recycled content. 

We have worked with our suppliers to identify suitable alternatives to flexible plastic, such as compostable bags, which are now available. We also use FSC approved cardboard boxes in all shipments.

Our Card Tops are widely recycled and our marketing literature also uses FSC approved paper and board.


We work with delivery partners who have a strong commitment to reducing their impact on the environment by for example using Eco Start delivery vehicles and applying the standards for Environmental Management in their processes and policies.


Bon Bon’s and HF Chocolates are owned by the Lanchester Wine Group and across the Group of companies over £8million has been invested in generating clean, renewable energy at our owned sites. We’ve installed movement sensitive LED lights, extra insulation & thermal glass at our HQ.

Our head office has 3x on-site 500kW EWT wind turbines generating up to six million kWh of electricity per year – that’s enough to power 1,500 average homes. We also have a 41-kilowatt solar array on the roof at our HQ office complex. We use around 42% of this electricity. The remaining (enough to power 800 three-bedroom homes) is fed into the National Grid for use within our local community.