2022 Spring Collection

When we first launched a Spring range in 2016 the brochure ran to 12 pages. This year it is over 5 times the size! The success of the range demonstrates the ability of the dedicated team at Bon Bon’s to successfully create products that really resonate and appeal to customers and consumers alike.

Fresh thinking and innovation are our raison d’etre, and in the 2022 range it’s our belief that we have reached a new high watermark in our confectionery collections.

As ever, there are Bon Bon’s favourites including a wide range of Easter eggs and chocolate figurines. However, these are now complemented by a wide array of new Bon Bon’s packed Spring lines such as our Flower Pot Sweets & New Easter Jar selection.

Of course, one of the main reasons for the growing range is the addition of hf Chocolate ranges sourced from our global portfolio of suppliers. This has added a fantastic new dimension to the collection and we are constantly amazed and delighted by the new lines available. This year we recommend that you check out the new Egg range from Simon Coll as well as the stunning chocolates new in from The Chocolatier.

If the last couple of years has taught us anything it’s to value the most important things in life….. but outside of that to trust in the British publics love affair with confectionery! We hope you like our new Spring collection and look forward to sharing it with you in the near future.

The collection is arranged around four key events allowing customers to maximise impulse sales from February all the way through to July!

Most of our customers will understand that the usual processes are now more important than ever, i.e., to engage early and ringfence their requirements. This year, the ongoing supply chain issues make this crucial. To avoid disappointment, we strongly advise that orders are placed before the end of October to guarantee supply…… as when its gone, its gone.

We start taking orders for our Spring collections from Monday, 27th September. Valentine’s deliveries commence from Monday, 10th January with Easter collections starting week commencing Monday, 7th February and Father’s day/USA collection from Monday 25th April.

You can download our 2022 Spring Collection brochure below.

Our sales team are ready and waiting to work with you to select and reserve stock for each of our collections. Please call us on 01937 840670 or via e-mail at sales@bonbons.co.uk to place an order or find out more! Alternatively you can request the same detail by clicking on the contact form button below.

Spring Brochure (pdf)

“Bon Bon’s offers great variety and there is something in the range to suit everyone. In terms of service, Bon Bon’s offers a quick turnaround and we have never had any shortages. We find they are easy to deal with and have a strong support team.”

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