April 29, 2021

Bon Bon’s 2021 Christmas Collection
Featuring HF Chocolates

Feedback tells us that the Bon Bon’s Christmas range is almost as eagerly anticipated as the festive season itself! So naturally, we are delighted to present this year’s version which we hope will form a key part of your Christmas trading period.

The range, which has at its core a sense of fun, includes an array of confectionery to suit multiple tastes and budgets. We are sure that you will find something delicious to nibble on while enjoying the festivities, plus a host of gifting ideas for friends and family.

We hope and believe that the 2021 Christmas season will be enjoyed like no other, with many making up for lost time and a general sense of relief and celebration abounding. That’s why we have decided to broaden our range and increase the volumes available to customers and consumers alike.
Included this year are around 30! new Bon Bon’s product developments, including Christmas Money Box Tins depicting jolly Christmas scenes and characters. Take a look also, at our festive range of table gifts which includes our new mini ballotin boxes which have been decorated with fun and contemporary designs.

Halloween is becoming ever more popular with our customers, showing excellent growth over recent years, driven primarily by impulse purchasing. Our new range provides something for the younger consumer.

Christmas 2021 is once again a combined Bon Bon’s and HF Chocolates offering, and we are delighted with the inclusion of many premium brands, that complement the Bon Bon’s branded products which our customers know and love. We are constantly amazed and surprised by the great new ideas available from our trusted trading partners, many who deal exclusively through Bon Bon’s.

We start taking orders from April 30th. Delivery windows are shown on the back inside cover of the brochure and start on September 13th.

The range is immensely popular and many of the most successful lines sell out early. We hope to be able to satisfy all our customers but experience has taught us that those who secure their requirements before end of June are seldom disappointed in either product availability or delivery window allocation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our “contact us“ page, by telephone on 01937 840670 or by email at to find out more, reserve your order or arrange for one of our team to discuss the collection in greater detail with you.

We wish you a successful and prosperous Christmas!

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