Traditional Sweets


Bon Bon’s has been brilliant for us. They are consistently one of  our 
top five best sellers. The stand looks great, colourful and eye catching
 and acts as a magnet to our visitors. 

Easy re-ordering and rapid delivery results in the museum maximising 
sales and profit all year round.

The Bon Bon’s range of traditional sweets have been a great addition to our product offer, they have helped drive both sales and conversion over the last year. The introduction of the Christmas Chocolates into our range this year has also given us a healthy increase in confectionery sales.

Excellent Product, Great Look, something really special and different to the other sweets in the market place.

Fantastic Quality.

Has increased our confectionery sales and profitability massively and has exceeded all my expectations.

Totally amazed at the quantities going through the tills.

Service from the office is absolutely fantastic with the little reminder calls for top ups ready for the weekends.

Thanks for the great service and we can’t wait to get trade up a little more this year.

“I just wanted to phone and tell you that I really like your Pontefract cakes, they are absolutely as I remember them as a child living in the North of England and so much better than those that you can buy in many of the supermarkets. I had them bought for me as a mother’s day present which seemed a bit strange but oh how I enjoyed them so I thought I would let you know how much I enjoyed them.”

“Our customers love the nostalgia that Bon Bon’s creates and they continuously bring new products into the range such as their speciality Liquorice which are all topped up by a customer service department that will endeavour to help us out with any queries or problems (of which there are very few).”

“Bon Bon’s offers great variety and there is something in the range to suit everyone. In terms of service, Bon Bon’s offers a quick turnaround and we have never had any shortages. We find they are easy to deal with and have a strong support team.”

“Bon Bon’s are a great company to deal with good product, good service.”

“At Bents we are always on the look out for quality products that are a little bit different and we have found something really special with Bon Bon’s. Our customers expect to be surprised and delighted and the feedback we receive about Bon Bon’s certainly does both!”

“Our Bon Bon’s sales have gone from strength to strength this year. We re-located our stand to the tills and have seen our sales increase 10-fold.”

“Quite simply Bon Bon’s are the ideal supplier. Simple and easy sales from products that take up minimal space on the shop floor, tastes rather good too!”