Traditional Favourites


“Bon Bon’s offers great variety and there is something in the range to suit everyone. In terms of service, Bon Bon’s offers a quick turnaround and we have never had any shortages. We find they are easy to deal with and have a strong support team.”

“Bon Bon’s are a great company to deal with good product, good service.”

“At Bents we are always on the look out for quality products that are a little bit different and we have found something really special with Bon Bon’s. Our customers expect to be surprised and delighted and the feedback we receive about Bon Bon’s certainly does both!”

“Our Bon Bon’s sales have gone from strength to strength this year. We re-located our stand to the tills and have seen our sales increase 10-fold.”

“Quite simply Bon Bon’s are the ideal supplier. Simple and easy sales from products that take up minimal space on the shop floor, tastes rather good too!”

“Dealing with Bon Bon’s has been a pleasure from the very first meeting. They offer excellent customer service and support, and take time to understand your needs and your business. The product range has been welcomed by our customer and the sales are pleasing too! The managers of our centres couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

“One of the best company’s I buy from. Excellent helpful telesales staff, fantastic product which flies off the shelf. Couldn’t be easier!”

“We have used Bon Bon’s for a number of years now. The staff are always very efficient and helpful and our sales have increased tremendously since switching to their products.”

“When we saw Bon Bon’s at a trade show, we thought Wow! These look fantastic and we were never in any doubt that they would do well with us. We were right! They have great impact on the stand and people don’t just buy one bag, they buy multiple packs.

Typical customers’ comments include:

“I haven’t seen these for years – got to have some of them”

We are delighted that we went with Bon Bon’s, one of our better decisions this year. The service we receive from Bon Bon’s is second to none. A lovely, friendly team of staff and a real pleasure to work with.”

“Bon Bon’s is the most profitable line per square metre in our whole store.”