Bon Bon’s Premium Fudge


One of our geese recently came across a company we hadn’t previously heard of: BonBon’s. Supplier of all thing sweet our intrepid goose knew that they had to try something. Picking out a few luxurious looking bars of fudge they brought them back to the Plump Goose team to try.

Not wishing to do things by half measures the bars selected were ‘triple chocolate delight’ fudge. The sweet aroma succeeded in breaking through the packaging and our temptation was short lived as we pounced upon it.

This fudge immediately ticked all our boxes. It was swirled with white chocolate and then coated in a heavenly Belgian white and milk chocolate outer layer. The soft gooey goodness was scrumptiously sweet. Indeed, it was sweet enough to tickle the backs of our throats.

As we bit through the mixed chocolates, they came together to form a true delight of flavour and they compliment the smooth texture perfectly. This is one for those of you who can handle a very sweet taste. Our warning must be that it is extremely addictive and should (probably*) only be enjoyed in small doses.

We must however admit we are quite hypocritical: we are currently hunting down our next supply from BonBon. We look forward to sampling their other delights, particularly of the fudge variety.

The Plump Goose

“I was recently shopping in a local farmers shop near where I lived… When I discovered that there was a whole area designated to ‘Bon Bons’ fudge, it was like entering a dream. I had previously tried their classic fudges, such as the ‘All Butter’ and ‘Caramel & Sea Salt’ and could find no faults in their deliciously smooth and creamy texture with a devilishly sweet taste. Therefore when I saw that they had introduced a new ‘Cherry Bakewell’ flavour, I knew I had to try it. Bakewell tarts are one of the most faultless, traditional cakes that I find irresistible, and I have been known, when I was younger, to eat an entire pack of Mr. Kiplings own in one sitting – divine. I had high hopes for this fudge, and to no surprise, it exceeded them. The flavours were unbelievable, the taste gave me a nostalgic feeling back to the Mr. Kipling tarts that I so loved. The combination of the almond with the cherry was a dream pairing which were coupled perfectly throughout each piece of fudge, and then the intricate details of small almond pieces, and glacé cherries added the perfect final touch. I would recommend to anyone to try this fudge, as people who already like fudge will adore this, and it will turn people who are yet to try it into fudge addicts. After trying the fudge, I decided to visit the Bon Bons website to discover whether there were any other new flavours I ought to try, and to my delight I saw there was a Banoffee Pie and and Caramel and Peanut which I look forward to trying in the very near future, lets hope they are as amazing as the Cherry Bakewell!”

Harriet Smith

“During our 3 open evenings this week we have sold 106 bars of Fudge by doing tastings!!!”

“I Purchased a bar of cinder toffee fudge on Friday. It was so delicious we have to obtain some more. I could become an addict 🙂 Living in Portishead nr Bristol it’s a little far to drive back up the M6, so I was wondering if you have any stockists in the Bristol, South Glos or North Somerset areas?”

“Bon Bon’s offers great variety and there is something in the range to suit everyone. In terms of service, Bon Bon’s offers a quick turnaround and we have never had any shortages. We find they are easy to deal with and have a strong support team.”

“Bon Bon’s are a great company to deal with good product, good service.”

“At Bents we are always on the look out for quality products that are a little bit different and we have found something really special with Bon Bon’s. Our customers expect to be surprised and delighted and the feedback we receive about Bon Bon’s certainly does both!”

“Our Bon Bon’s sales have gone from strength to strength this year. We re-located our stand to the tills and have seen our sales increase 10-fold.”

“Quite simply Bon Bon’s are the ideal supplier. Simple and easy sales from products that take up minimal space on the shop floor, tastes rather good too!”

“Dealing with Bon Bon’s has been a pleasure from the very first meeting. They offer excellent customer service and support, and take time to understand your needs and your business. The product range has been welcomed by our customer and the sales are pleasing too! The managers of our centres couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”