Founded in 2007, Bon Bon’s is based in the Yorkshire market town of Wetherby and is part of the Lanchester Wine Group. We concentrate on luxury confectionery and aim to supply an entire solution to our retail customers, that incorporates exclusive products, attractive fixtures and thought-through merchandising solutions. The result offers retailers straight-forward solutions that deliver outstanding sales and profit.

We choose our customers as carefully as they choose us and we work with some of the very best independent retailers in the country. We strive to work as closely as possible with our customers, offering a range of specialist products that complement their destination status and allowing them to differentiate themselves still further from the mainstream.

Sourcing confectionery from all over the UK and Europe, we pride ourselves on the quality of our product. Our attention to detail is second to none and we are determined to offer the very best in class. Take the humble Sherbet Lemon for example; there are dozens of different versions of this product, which must be testament to its cult status. We could save money and buy from one of the numerous look-a-like products but we don’t. We buy from the original producers, the ones who make it with real sherbet powder. It’s a bit more expensive and a lot more difficult to handle but something’s really are worth paying for….and real sherbet in your sherbet lemon is definitely one of them!

When your area of expertise is “hand-packing” you need a lot of hands… and we are in no doubt that it is our staff (particularly our incredible team of packing staff) that are the secret to our success. Many of the team have been with us since day one, and the care, attention to detail and sheer passion they bring to our business is second to none.

“From the smallest school children to our senior’s outings the Bon Bon’s stand appeals to everybody in our shop, supported by excellent customer service they are a brilliant company to work with.”

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