May 28, 2020

Bon Bon’s 2020 Christmas Collection
Featuring HF Chocolates

The Bon Bon’s range has become a Christmas staple for our customers and their loyal consumers. We are always immensely grateful for the trust placed in us and no more than in these tempestuous times and have taken great care to ensure all of the great tasting sweets included reflectthe values and standards expected.

This is the 10th anniversary of the Bon Bon’s Christmas Collection and as ever, we are proudto present our range which includes many old favourites and sure-fire winners, as well asa selection of new product ideas to surprise and delight all ages and pockets.

Christmas is often referred to as a ‘time of giving’, so we have tailored our range around giftsfor friends and family. There are lots of sweets and goodies for those nearest and dearest,as well as self-indulgent treats.

We aim to provide something different from the norm, combining great display concept ideas with fabulous confectionery. This year is no different, take a look for instance at our new ‘Chocolate Bar Selection’ packs, which combine seasonal packaging with delicious chocolate.

Our Christmas 2020 collection is a combined Bon Bon’s and HF Chocolates offering and we are delighted with the addition of many major brands which complement the luxury hand-packed ranges which our customers know and love. Our loyal and exclusive supplier partners have exceeded all expectations this year with some stunning and sumptuous products, and we are sure you will enjoy perusing these fantastic additions.

We start taking orders from June 2nd. Delivery windows are shown on the back inside cover of the brochureand start on September 21st.

The range is immensely popular and many of the most successful lines sell out early. We hope to be able to satisfy all our customers but experience has taught us that those who secure their requirements before end of June are seldom disappointed in either product availability or delivery window allocation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our “contact us“ page, by telephone on 01937 840670 or by email at to find out more, reserve your order or arrange for one of our team to discuss the collection in greater detail with you.

We wish you a successful and prosperous Christmas!

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