October 29, 2013

One of our geese recently came across a company we hadn’t previously heard of: BonBon’s. Supplier of all thing sweet our intrepid goose knew that they had to try something. Picking out a few luxurious looking bars of fudge they brought them back to the Plump Goose team to try.

Not wishing to do things by half measures the bars selected were ‘triple chocolate delight’ fudge. The sweet aroma succeeded in breaking through the packaging and our temptation was short lived as we pounced upon it.

This fudge immediately ticked all our boxes. It was swirled with white chocolate and then coated in a heavenly Belgian white and milk chocolate outer layer. The soft gooey goodness was scrumptiously sweet. Indeed, it was sweet enough to tickle the backs of our throats.

As we bit through the mixed chocolates, they came together to form a true delight of flavour and they compliment the smooth texture perfectly. This is one for those of you who can handle a very sweet taste. Our warning must be that it is extremely addictive and should (probably*) only be enjoyed in small doses.

We must however admit we are quite hypocritical: we are currently hunting down our next supply from BonBon. We look forward to sampling their other delights, particularly of the fudge variety.

The Plump Goose

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